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Awarded Pictures from Poland

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In the communist era, circus was one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Poland. Polish performers worked with the most prestigious outfits in the world. They all came from this school. Since the 1990s, Julinek has been slowly dying. Now, the circus center that once employed up to 1,500 artists and technicians has closed due to financial problems. http://www.anzenberger.com

Rafal Milach is one of the winners more than others, beside World Press Photo, most acclaimed photojournalism contests in the world and picture series “Ukraine at the Black Sea“ made it to 2nd place in the Science / Nature category, in 2007 he won first prize in the World Press Photo in the Arts & Entertainment category for the “Retired circus artists” series.

Year 2007
Photographer Rafal Milach
Nationality Poland
Organization / Publication Anzenberger Agency
Category Arts and Entertainment stories
Prize 1st prize
Date 2007
Country Poland
Place Julinek


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