Awarded Picture From Indonesia

Raindrops seem to target a dragonfly like shards of light in the Riau Islands in Indonesia, in photos of Shikhei Goh, winner of National Geographic International.

Overall winner and first in Nature Photography by Shikhei Goh

A sudden thunderstorm forced Goh to require a difficult choice: Get his camera wet or take advantage of the “superb lighting,”

Goh chose to shoot despite the rain and came out of “a very striking macrophotography that has earned the first prize for its quality, the wonderful light and a ‘movement’ in this type of very rare photographs, not to mention the perfection technique, “said Tim Laman, one of three photographers of National Geographic Magazine that he was a member of the jury.

Another judge, Judge Amy Toensing added, “You can almost feel the dragonfly’s experience of bracing itself against the weather. When I look at it, I want to say, Hold on tight little buddy!”

The difficult situation of the insect has enchanted the third judge, Peter Essick, to which the dragonfly photography makes a “character with which we humans can empathize.”


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