Why pine tree decorated at Christmas?

Decorated pine tree in a pine forest

The most popular symbol of Christmas is the pine tree. This is not too old tradition. The first notes mentioned it from 1494, “May Christmas tree” was set in a German house when pine branches were taken to the house. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the famous German writer met with this decoration first in 1765. Why important this? Because he written his poem – The Sorrows of Young Werther – in 1774. He mentioned this habit in this poem, so whole of Europe knew and it became popular. German emigrants took this tradition to America first in 1700’s years. Later the tradition became very popular in America too.

But also know, however, that long time was habit some green plants to decorate the house, thus referring to the hope for a new start in the coming spring in winter. The use of evergreens  is already before the birth of Jesus was spread in some areas. The vitality of conifers in a kind of magical impact on the people. People believed they have the healing power of plants. Who is the new year with green plants, “equipped with” waiting for the health, brought to his house and bizakodhatott luck next year as well. Even the Romans decorated  their houses on the year-end and New Year, but they are used for this laurel branches.

Ilona Kaszanyi

Reference: tudomany.ma.hu


2 thoughts on “Why pine tree decorated at Christmas?

  1. Thank you so much for this! This is actually something I have been thinking about often (I do have a life, I promise). But it shows the simplicity and meaning behind this symbol and thus this season of celebration of truth and life.

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