Saint Nicolas bishop the original Santa Claus

He was born in 245 AD in Patara like a rich family’s child. He chosen the ecclesiastical calling. He dedicated his life for mankind and  to teach the children. Anyone asked, always helped them. The news of his charity and helpfulness  reached far and wide. The people began their prayers included in his name. He was working for 52 years as a bishop. Like a simple he man lived among the people, and shared his wealth.

The story what created his legend:

The monastery next door neighbors lived an impoverished nobleman.  He was three daughter. The girls talked about which girl is to sell herself into slavery to be able to help the family, and that the other can get married. Then came the open window under Bishop Nicholas, and he heard the deal.  He hurried back to the church, and he took a handful of gold into a handkerchief, and threw it into the window. The girls thought it was a miracle. Then a year later in the same time, he thrown in a handkerchief of gold  for the second girl. Hurried out because they heard footsteps from the window, and then they saw that old man in a red dress in a hurry in the dark. Third year on this day was very cold, and found closed the window. He climbed up the side of the cliff houses built on top of the fireplace chimney, and threw it into gold. The youngest daughter had just had like stockings by the fireplace stove to dry, and it fell to the point. He climbed up the side of the cliff houses built on top of the fireplace chimney, and threw it into gold. The youngest daughter had just had like stockings by the fireplace stove to dry, and it fell to the point. The unknown jótevőről began to think of the snow-capped Taurus mountains, each of which took place in winter when these miracles that “Christmas Father” comes to with these gifts. Soon it turned out the secret. And everyone knew that an unknown benefactor.

He had  long, peaceful old age. After his death angels took his soul to his final resting place where there is a clean source.  From this source of pure love emanating and sends his  progeny, Santa Claus to today’s kids.



3 thoughts on “Saint Nicolas bishop the original Santa Claus

  1. My father (a Dutchman) used to take us kids to Sint Nikolaas events when we were growing up.
    A feature of the event was the coming of “Black Peter”, St. Nicolas’ favoured African helper, who would beat naughty children with bushels of sticks (often, a Dutchman would paint his face black with red lipstick to play the role).
    Thankfully this somewhat racist tradition has been dropped. It makes me wonder if the black coal for naughty children tradition has roots in Black Peter.

    1. Hello Inside the Egg. I am Austrian, but have lived in Australia for 42yrs. When I was a child my parents celebrated St Nikolaas day by placeing in a shoe some treats such as, figs, walnuts and chocolate. I remember one such time getting home from school and my mother saying “quickly look St Nikolaas has been.” I now carry this tradtion through with my own daughter. I also clearly remember the story of Black Peter and how he would leave a piece of coal in the shoes of the naughty children. I love the European Traditions, but its such a shame that these traditions have also been taken up by Western cultures who change who St Nikolaas is/was. For instance in my family is the tradition that on Christmas eve (when we celebrate christmas 24/12) ChristKindle (Christ Child) brings us our gifts. The Americans took this concept and have called this name Kris Kringle – so many many arguments I have had with people about the bastardisedation of this word but no one believes me that the American’s took the term Christkindle from the Germans and changed it to Kris Kringle. In saying this I wonder if you could clear this up for me. Do you know where the term Kris Kringle does originate from? Regards Claudia (claw67 – Cloudy day’s forum Blueline2011.wordpress)

    2. Thank you for this information Insidetheegg!
      In my country Santa Claus arrives on 6th, december and he has a companion, we call it “krampusz”. He wears black clothes, he wears black nylon stocking on his face and he has red “horn”. If a child was bad the “krampusz” hit softly to his/her hand.
      I wish you happy New Year! Ilona

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