Our own fate written on palm leaves for thousands years?

Indian sages thousands of years ago, pre-recorded each man’s fate and evolution of life. The palm-leaves, which are 48 cm long and 6 cm wide, can be found  in  the world’s most mysterious library, in a  little village in India. Anyone can access their own fate in the palm leaves. The thin palm leaf lifespan of about 800 years, after this period of time, it becomes aging and fragile. So need to copy again the contents from time to time. The fate described in ancient Tamil language in verse form of dense rows. The approx. 1 mm high characters are difficult to recognize with the naked eye. All people have two palm leaves, one for the past and on the other the future is presented. On the leaf of past can be read, inter alia, in the person’s name, occupation and previous incarnations. Data can be read also about the parents, siblings, spouse and children. Frequently communicate the date of the visit, and even visitors to the host name of the palm-reader. The second letter may request that the palm to read the future. These events are 2.5 to 5-year intervals are summarized. Marked with the date and time of death as well.

The palm-leaf collection of more than 800 years is in possession of the Shastri family. Sri Shastrit, the palm reader since childhood taught by his father of this science, which has 5300 years of history. These letters can help more people to fulfill their worldly duties, and thus fully able to devote himself to spiritual development.  It includes the personality, family life, financial success, intellectual and spiritual knowledge. The Shuki Nadi called Eastern philosophy (the Shuki divine wisdom, the Nadi time is a moment of meaning), from which is inseparable from the palm-leaf reading and science, believes that the Earth school, stay on because of reincarnation through learning, the aim of becoming more spiritual maturity is reached, the selfless love of learning.

Incredibly, but they just  scratched into biographies of people before thousands of years ago, who now live and will one day visit these directories! Those who do not travel here, in the biography is not. But the writer’s palm leaves didn’t know in advance who will be visitors to the library.

Ilona Kaszanyi


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