The only idea of ​​speaking with a woman makes men more stupid

A study has just shown that a man who starts discuss with a woman is less successful on cognitive tests … and the contrary is not true. The ladies are more calm and focus…

Women can speak to a man without being disturbed. The reverse is not true. © Krell, Flickr, cc by nc nd 2.0

The story has something to smile. The men become more stupid as they are about to converse with a woman. At least that show the results of a Dutch study recently published in Archives of Sexual Behavior . Conversely, the women, they manage to keep all their minds when confronted with a male.

Research had already shown that just after one meeting, the men lost their ability as they tend more than women to give a sexual dimension to an everyday situation involving a person of the opposite sex. Thus, they are concerned about their image and also looking back to assess the value of such a sexual partner. They use some of their cognitive resources to attract, thus depriving themselves of certain intellectual faculties to respond properly to the proposed test.

Men lose their attitude, not women

This time, scientists were able to show that the same  pattern was observed in anticipation of a communication with a woman. To arrive at such conclusions, psychologists conducted a semantic test to a panel of 90 male and female participants pretending they were the guinea pigs of an experiment on language. They were then warned that a second test was to follow the first, and this time, an
observer or an observeing to connect to their booth and announcing the start of a period in which the subject must read a text against a webcam. The participants knew that they would deal with someone of the same sex or opposite sex.

Tex Avery had quite understand the effect that women can have on men. Thus the big bad wolf goes mad when he sees the sexy Red Riding Hood. © thenelaware, Dailymotion

Remains to understand specifically why only men are affected. The theory is that males try to attract females to avoid to miss an opportunity for sex with a potential partner. This would therefore be part of the broader hypothesis is that the male, with millions of sperm every day, trying to impregnate as many females as possible, while the females, with a limited number of oocytes (about 1 per month ), prefer to focus on one partner. However, this theory is challenged by the fact that females are not as wise and faithful than the patterns predicted. So if this experiment shows that men become stupid when they interact with a woman, and that the converse is false, the precise origin of this difference is still a bit vague …

Abdullah Al Abbadi

Source: Archives of sexual behavior


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