History of forests from virgin forest to devastation of forest

Don't hurt me, please because I was your cradle, I'm the warmth of your house and and I will be your casket!

The culture of humanity began with devastation of forest but we just able to keep this culture if we protect the forests. Unfortunately this realization just in the past century became known. History of earth’s forest has three big periods: prehistory of forests, story of forest’s age and age of forestry. Prehistory started 450 million years ago when the first continental plants appeared. At first they were 1-2 cm tall but later became 1-2 metres tall shrubs and lived in moorlands. In forests of antiquity  –  200 million years ago  – among the ancient shrubs formed struggle for the light, so they became taller. In the warm and wet climate developed as rich carbon forests. In the middle ages of forests  200-80 million years ago appeared – among them trees which live in present days – fir trees and some variety of palms. Modern history of forests started  80-1,5 million years ago, when  the tropical and the temperate zone trees increased, like deciduous trees.  600 thousands years ago north side of Earth cooled down, so the forests and  higher plants were forced back in their evolution.

Earlier human intervention

States of antiquity’s rich and rise characterized the devastation of forest,  near the Mediterranean Sea. For example shipbuilding, burn out of ceramics or pyramid buildings. They didn’t think of the reserve. Although  signs were founded which refer that they tried to protect the cedar of Lebanon. In the Middle ages was huge devastation of forests. Because of increased population. They needed lots plough-lands. It was matter of life.

Devastation of forests in the Earth

The original forest was 62,2 million km2 and in present days this is only 33,36 million km2, so it decreased by 54%. Population of Earth’s increase huge burden for the nature. The virgin forests started to disappear and wildlife too. Or enough a dry period or fire and forest will be destroyed. The bulk of virgin forests of world are in three states: Russia, Canada and Brasilia.

Near industrial areas, which is cause atmosphere pollution are large rate forest decrease. But in consequence of atmosphere pollution first the tree will be die out, then – within a short time – the humanity too.

Ilona Kaszanyi

Reference: História magazin XXXI/3. (p. 22-24. Oroszi S.)


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