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Slaughterhouses in Umbria, Italy. Neatly packaged meat in supermarkets is often completely detached in consumers’ minds from the process of its production. The Photographer is Tommaso Ausili from Italy awarded the 3rd prize from world press in Category of Contemporary Issues stories in 2009.

Thousands of European starlings flock above Rome in January2009, as they prepare to roost for the night. The winter visitors are considered pests, both for the large quantities of droppings that foul Rome’s buildings, streets and monuments, and for devouring fruit and olives in surrounding farmland.

Year 2009, Photographer Paolo Patrizi, Nationality Italy, Organization / Publication Kaze no Tabito
Category Nature, Prize 3rd prize, Place Rome

Fucile is home to some 650 people. Shelters illegally erected as temporary housing after the Second World War still serve as family homes, yet there is no drinking-water or drainage system, and many roofs are made of asbestos. Successive city administrations have failed to bring any notable improvement to the slum.

Year 2008, Photographer Massimo Siragusa
Nationality Italy, Organization / Publication Contrasto
Category Contemporary Issues stories, Prize 3rd prize
Place Messina, Sicily

Chiara (21) checked in to the Palazzo Francisci clinic suffering from a form of combined anorexia and bulimia. She was one of ten residential patients treated for eating disorders at the clinic, each remaining for a minimum period of three months. Chiara recovered from her condition and returned to college.

Year 2007
Photographer Simona Ghizzoni
Nationality Italy
Organization / Publication Contrasto
Category Portraits
Prize 3rd prize
Date 2007, Place Todi


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