Carl Henegan – Author of January

What are we know about the author of Yesterday’s darkness?

In this article I don’t want to repeat what we can read on his website about his life, his studies, his military serving or his term what he spent in Gongaza to learn drawing.
Rather let me to share with you my personal experiences about him. I wrote my thought on a site of a famous best-seller writer, it sounded like: “If thought is the lyrics and a good writer is the composer, from the time what they spend together a beautiful melody will be born what we can replayed over and over again without getting stale.” This was the moment, when our acquaintance began. If I have to characterize him with some words, I just can to say the best like extremely modest, friendly, kind and always helpful. These attributes were born with him, but beside that, I think he became so much reader-friend when he was writing his articles and he spent his time among the everyday people. He says about this term: “I could see and meet everyday people and instantly develop an extraordinary story around them.” I had a possibility to listen to a live radio show where he was talking with his readers. I noticed that opinions of readers are really important for him. He listened them carefully and answered to all comments modestly. This is Carl Henegan what I know him.
Many famous authors motivated him to write, like Dickens, Dostoyevsky or writer of present times, Dan Brown. At the high-school he had a good English teacher, who maintained his love toward the literature and encouraged him for writing. It seems that assistance of his teacher and his decision to left behind his civil profession and devote his life to writing was a good choice.

The best evidence for his first released novel, the Yesterday’s darkness. In this novel he gives experience to his readers about what just some authors able to do. He present the story and the characters with so much details that the reader feel that this is like an invisible man in the story or an audience in a 3D cinema. This is a story about a returned soldier, Michael, who lives the life of average people. He owned and operated a bar. Most of the time he spends there. First we may think, he is formal, rough and cool a few who can just focus on what happen in his bar,and his daily routin work. But one day, when a known face arrives from his past to the bar end of the calmness. This is one of chapters where the reader really can enter into the spirit of story. What Carl Henegan shows to us Michael and this chance visitor meeting is brilliant. The two characters’s movements like a slow-motion while the other characters we can see in normal tempo. Besides this we can heard the music, saw and smell the smoke. Here the time when he must face up to his past and starts a cat-mouse play. We know within short time who is this mysterious man and what happened in Michael’s past but Carl keep in secret ingeniously who is the real target. If Carl’s aim was to deceive the readers, I say this was success. I mention character Kelly who is a lovely but little giddy girl, she works in Michael’s bar. They will be closer to each other day by day. We think everything is good in his private life. But Carl hidden some sentences about her, which makes me uncertain and keep us uncertainly long time. Or when we read these sentences we may think, now we caught the author, we know what will be happen the end of novel. But no! Carl drives us on entangled ways from Dallas, through Moscow to San Antonio; from a peaceful bar, through high life russian poker party and the Mexican mafia to the calmness family life. 

In my opinion,  he has due humility for the writing. His characters are simply people, they haven’t exceptional abilities. Carl Henegan presents them in such detail that the we think we know them for long time.

In the end,  I’d like to give my earlier thought to Carl Henegan forever. I hope he will write lots brilliant “melody” for us like a composer what we what we can replayed over and over again without getting stale.

Written by Ilona Kaszanyi

More about the Author

Darkness left Undone – the sequel to Yesterday’s darkness – is coming soon.

His personal blog 

Yesterday’s darkness by Carl Henegan – Sample view


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  1. A very special thanks to Ilona Kaszanyi! I loved the article about me but i also adore all of teh article that Blueline deliver. I am a life long subscriber! Keep up the great work guys!

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