Panda eats meat??!!

In part of Sichuan province a camera has also been taken film when a giant panda was eating meat. It is unlikely the panda pictured killed the antelope in the picture and may have fortuitously stumbled across the animal in the forest.

A significant part of the panda diet consists of fresh bamboo shoots, but the professionals are aware that their diet is less than one percent of meat and other plants make up. Moreover, some pandas prefer to eat meat than others. The panda  belongs to the bears family, so basically carnivorous animals typical of the digestive system. Because of this carnivorous digestive system the panda derives little energy and protein from consumption of bamboo so must eat as much as 14kg a day to stay healthy. The evolution of the course is completely adapted to a vegetarian diet. Sometimes, however, seem to have to get out the old behavior. For example in last May, a panda caught a peacock in a Chinese zoo.

The giant panda is the world’s most threatened animals. Unfortunately,  their future remains uncertain. In 2005 the Chinese government had established over 50 panda reserves, protecting more than 2.5 million acres. Its diverse habitats contain many rare, endemic and endangered flora and fauna, the best known being the giant panda. But habitat loss continues to occur outside of protected areas, while poaching remains an ever-present threat. This amazing animal is the symbol of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) since 1961.

Ilona Kaszanyi

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