In short: the dogs are listening with eyes, same like human children

The word is not enough. Dogs look before they act just like us. Responsiveness of dogs to human communication would be identical to that of a young child. This result justifies the love that many people carry for these pets.

Written by Abdullah Al Abbadi/Blue Line News

Dogs test, the following of the eyes of those who have spoken highly by looking into his eyes. This experience gives the same results on young children. This is the first time that monitoring techniques have been applied visual pathways to the dogs. © Tegler et al., 2012, Current Biology

Many masters have already realized it: dogs are very attentive to our gaze and our posture when they receive orders. To understand this behavior, researchers at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has decided to study the responsiveness of these animals in relation to human communication. They used a device to visually follow the trajectory of the dogs respond to various visual or auditory stimuli.

The dogs were confronted with two videos. They show a person behind a table upon which two identical pots. In the first video, the person looking at the canines and talking out loud before turning his head and look at one of the pots. In the second video, the person does not make visual contact and speaks in a whisper. The look of the dogs is analyzed. The findings, published in Current Biology, show that dogs are more attentive to the intentions of showing human communication before acting (eye contact, speech). They then follow the gaze of the experimenter and end up looking the same pot.

This test is not new but was previously used on children. By comparison, it appears that the responsiveness of dogs to human communication is similar to that of children aged 6 months to 2 years. More and more evidence shows that men and dogs share identical social skills , with a significant sensitivity with respect to the communicative intentions. This conclusion justifies the attraction of mankind for these pets. But we still do not know how the brain processes information canids.

Selected source for further read: CBS42 published 2 days ago

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