Let’s not be hypocrites! There is violence against women and domestic violence in the called modern countries

The world’s press and  many organizations, which fight for women’s rights in most cases just reported if in one of the less developed countries  women’s rights are violated, like in some African and Arab countries. And what in about Europe or America?

She run for her life. That night her husband raped her again. He was much rougher than ever before. He tried to strangle and threatened to kill her. The woman  ran down the stairs, out into the street to a taxi stand. Her husband was caught her before she had got into the taxi.

“If you are dedicated yourself to change, you have to  leave behind all your life. You have to be ready to rename the violent man you ever loved. Previously, I was unable to do so, but  at that night I knew, if I couldn’t leave him, I will be die. ” – said the 43 year old woman. The scene is not from a crime novel, but is done in Norway.

Norway, other Nordic countries together to compete for gender equality in implementing the country’s best title. This equality, however, it seems that stops at the bedroom’s threshold, and it is not uncommon that there are women who don’t  to report about their suffering, or not betray their identity because they fear from the reprisal. The  violence against women in Scandinavia is similar to that of gender equality in less developed societies: unfortunately the violence is common, but the women rarely report, and even more rarely, to condemn the perpetrators. Ten percent of the Norwegian women, who older than 15 have been a  rape victim, at least 80 percent of the cases, however, do not make an official announcement, and only 10 percent end in proceedings, said the justice ministry. The Norwegian women – and in general  the middle class – more ashamed if they are raped and beaten as the growing number of low-income immigrant women, because the latter are much emancipate count – say psychologists.

Nearly 20 percent of The American women rape in their lives and more than 25 percent of they are seriously injury by their partner – said the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to the in December, 2011 published study shows that 80 percent of female victims are raped before age 25, more than half of them are suffer violence from current their partner. In Alaska, Oregon and Nevada are the worst situation: there happens to most violence against women. In America  there isn’t uniform definition of what constitutes mental or sex violence: each states individually regulated.

The physical violence is only the tip of the iceberg, there are other forms of violence

Verbal violence: the woman belittling, insulting, humiliating, a taunt, ridicule, the rate, and removing the children, as well as threats of suicide.

Psychological violence: Friends, from work, family, or disqualification of isolation; systematic destruction of her self-confidence, fear of causing behavior, constant monitoring.

Sexual violence: forcing unwanted sexual activity, contraception, obstruction or coercion.

Economic violence: Forbid a woman to work, so she depends on financially from her partner.

Facts and misconceptions about the domestic violence

– Myth: The abuse is mostly common in uneducated, poor strata. Fact: All ethnic groups, social strata and place of residence within is similar the proportion

– Myth: A slap is allowed in the love: relieves tension, and everything will be fine. Fact: The “slap-kiss” stereotype only works for TV movies. In practice, the slaps not reciprocal, and not pass away without a trace. The first slap the rest will follow, and the violence more extreme and will be coarser.

– Myth: Women are sometimes provokes to beat them. Fact: No one deserves to beat, even if annoying or disturbing behavior. A mature adult personality can be held responsible for actions. The responsibility lies with man, who hit raises his hand.

– Myth: Domestic violence is caused by alcohol. Fact: The alcohol itself does not make anyone violent, but it dissolves inhibitions, which are sometimes held in check the tendency to violence. The drinking and the abuse are two different problems. If he eliminates one of them, from the other one does not go away.

– Myth: What happens within the walls of the home, nothing to do with the outside world. This is private life.

Fact: The rate of crime and violence in many cases, it can not save up that happens at home. This is not an individual but a social problem.

– Myth: The law protects the victims. Fact: In most countries the victims of domestic violence are not effectively protected by the law. The police and the courts are reluctant to existing laws did not apply, even if they use a lot of serious crimes could be prevented, the legislature is rigidly aloof from this change in the law.

– Myth: If a woman does not give rise to it, the man doesn’t hurt her. Just she have to be able to control him. Fact: The abuser may be enough for any reason to initiate an debate. Frequently, the reasons totally contradict each other.

In every 18th second a woman is suffering because of violence or abuse in the World. The Western data showed that one in five women live or once lived in a relationship with a partner regularly physically assaulted her. As women’s social status increases, they gets more salary and takes up their rightful place in society, some men resort to physical their magnetic strength.

Written by Ilona Kaszanyi


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