Photo of the day – from our readers

Thursday, March 1. 2012

Meteor shower in Monterrey, Mexico by Efraín Bojórquez

“This photo was the result of 1 hour and 20 minutos of running to start and stop the shutter of my camera.  Basically, the process consists on using the Bulb shutter setting in your camera, pressing on the shutter release and hold on to it until you reach the desires exposure. In my case, I used a remote cable release which has a latch that helps to keep de button pressed down.” – comment of the photographer. Picture taken on 4th January, 2012.

Thank you Efraín!

Blue Line to link the world together , thus we need to see the life around you. You can submit your photography here to get a chance for your picture to be displayed in our website’s galleries.


One thought on “Photo of the day – from our readers

  1. Congratulations to Efraín. Allways eager to share his excellent work. This photo is amazing!

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