Influence of Fathers on their children

Do you remember these picture where we can see famous fathers with their children?

To be a father lot more than fill the roles of protector, guardian and playmateFour days ago I brought to home our first newborn baby from the hospital and on the first day I burst into tears. I feel that I don’t like her as much as should be. I’m desperate.” – wrote a fresh father on a forum of the Internet. “The first year is like a roller coaster. Become to a father is a very hard thing. But don’t give up!” – replied another father to him.

Pablo Picasso with his son, Claude. The legendary painter wasn't his children's playmate, but he told them many fascinating stories. Photo by Robert Capa
Ernest Hemingway with his son, Gregory. The writer would be much better pleased if he had a daughter. Gregory later commented on their relationship: "I'm one of the product of my father's emotional disasters." Photo by Rober Capa

Scientists have long recognized that men also have a number of capabilities, which were long attributed exclusively to mothers: empathy, trust, positive impact on his children lives. However, that they become for a “committed fathers”, first they have to known themselves feelings.

See the other pictures: Frank Zappa, Thomas Mann, Clint Eastwood, Charlie Chaplin, John F. Kennedy with their children and read more…


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