Is Vatican hides the end of World?

Followers of conspiracy theories are convinced that the Roman Catholic Church is in possession of the information which means the end of humanity. They think one of these is the message of the Fatima’s secrets which means the coming end of the world in their opinion.

In 1917, near the town of Fatima in Portugal the Blessed Mother (Our Lady) appeared for three children. This vision sounds unbelievable but declarated as an accepted fact by the Roman Catholic Church. They keep it among the greatest significant vision. According to their telling the lady appeared in five times in the next month and she told them a story in these occassions. In 1941 Lucia de Jesus dos Santos (one of sheperd children) shared the first two secrets with the public but the third vision only in 2000 came to light.

However lots Catholics said think there is more, the Vatican hasn’t released the entire Third Secret and there are two text. Why they think this? What is the Fourth Secret of Fatima? Read more about it…


One thought on “Is Vatican hides the end of World?

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