Meaningless rules against women

In vain we live in the 21st century, there are parts of the world where still a lots of meaningless religious and moral laws, which only afflict the women. In many countries strict rules forbid discrimination between the genders however some places still mud underfoot the rights of women.

Survivor of honour killing. Rawa photo

Killings of honour

Women are not given the right to instigate divorce because they are prone to emotional and irrational decision making. A husband, however, can divorce his wife at any time he so wishes.” Ayatollah Ali Moghtadai. In some countries rule of the family as a community is so strong that they able to kill their family members to restore the reputation of family in the case of a slander. Most often women are victims of these brutal traditions. Their punishment is the death because of their ‘rebellious’ behavior, but often for nothing. Sometimes just set down a refusal of man against these unfortunate women and girls as a crime. For example they refuse the marriage, or they want to divorce or they fall in love with another man. The adulteress or the raped women are condemn by themselves families and sometimes they kill them also. They do it in the name of morals and they think this is right. Last year the UNICEF published shocking information about these killings of honour. In India every year 5,000 women are killed by family members, but this cruel treatment happened in many countries already, including Albania, Brazil, Iraq or Israel. In Germany, England, Canada and the USA had happened before, the most common among the immigrants.

Where the abortion is bigger sin than the rape – Brazil: The Samba and the Carnival in Rio, two things which sure come to mind for everybody about Brazil. However less people know that in this deeply religious country still strictly forbid the abortion – independently of age, circumstances of the become pregnant and also the expectant mother able to bring up the child… continue reading … Wife abduction: The abduction of women is a tradition in  some parts of Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. In these Central Asian countries family of the young man choose a fiancée for him so that they abduction the young girl and they force her to get married… continue reading … Where there isn’t job and forbid to divorce for women – Malta: Because of conservative rules the employment of women is extraordinary low, less than 10%, which is very unusual in the European Union countries. These conservative rules there are in the private life of couples too… continue reading …


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