Photo of the Day – A piece of Spring from Hungary

Wednesday, April 18. 2012.

Well, I know that’s not nice of me that today I shared my picture as the Photo of the Day.

It has two reasons. The first is that I wanted to give you a piece of Spring of my country. I taken this picture in my garden for my dearest friend’s mum to Jordan in the last week. I was very happy when I saw how many hard-working honey bees was working on my cherry tree, so I was sure the pollination will be successful. But unfortunately for some days ago the weather was frosty, so 90 % of the cherry flowers be destroyed…:-(  So, fact the April is really changeable in Hungary…

And the other reason is: I though I ask you that give me a piece of Spring of your countries too. :-) I thought it would be nice if we make a collective photo gallery of the Spring of different countries what we will share here and also the Blue Line website ( So, I’d like if you send me a Spring picture from your country and you will be a part of this photo gallery :-) What do you think?

Could you give me a piece of Spring of you country? Please send it to here:  or to my e-mail adress: I’m waiting and thank you very much!

Honey bee laden with pollen, Hungary. Photo taken by Ilona Kaszanyi

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About Ilona Kaszanyi - I'm interested in human rights, I condemn all kinds violence. I love sociology, nature, culture, travel. I love teaching children, meeting and talking with people, making friends all around the world. As an amateur photographer I love taking pictures in the nature.


4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – A piece of Spring from Hungary

  1. So beautiful and the bee adds even more interest to it. Great photo.

    Posted by The Pal Guy | April 18, 2012, 12:21 am
  2. Wonderful to see your own photo – it’s beautiful.

    Posted by jmgoyder | April 18, 2012, 12:33 am

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