Mysterious Barcodes – Facts and Conspiracy Theories

Italian archaeologists have discovered “barcodes” on closing plugs of ancient amphoras in the middle of April in 2012. These earthen vessels, which are primarily used for carrying oil help to map the antique trade routes.

Technology of the barcode was founded in 1949 by Bernard Silver and Woodland. However, the barcodes only became widespread after 1981 when the United States Department of Defense adopted the use of Code 39 for marking all products sold to the United States military. Since then many people interested in why was such important for the U.S. army that the barcodes became internationally accepted? According to strange theories the barcodes are intelligent chip cards and governments forced to introduction them by aliens who want to identify us in this way.

In opinion of a paranoid right-wing religious group’s fundamentalist Christian believers the numbers of the barcodes serve the evil. They say the a standard bar code has 12 numbers which divided into two section with dividing lines in middle and end of it. These dividing lines are called leading lines. Although these leading lines haven’t specific values in print they looks like exactly as a slightly oversized ’6′. It means that the barcode hides tree ’6′ in itself, on the front, in the middle and in the end. And it’s the mark of the beast. Read more …


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