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Womb for rent at discounted price

Indian surrogate mothers get for about 10 yearly wages during 9 months.

Is this help or advantage of these Indian women? What do you think?

Indian women|Photo by Stephanie Sinclair

In India the Surrogate mother have not been prohibited by law and the country gets a lot of criticism because of it. First the society is morally complain: because many people do not believe that pregnancy can occur without sexual intercourse. And the other hand many believe that the infertile couples from developed countries only have an opportunity to take advantage of the Indian women’s poverty. However fact not every country allows the surrogate mothers.

India is the world’s seventh largest and second most populous country for nearly a billion inhabitants. Annual GDP in terms ┬áhas the world’s 12th largest economy, however the poverty is very big. Lucky who has regular wages, even if only for 2 dollars per day. Among other things, this is also the reason why flourish the surrogate mothers there. Read more and share your opinion with us !

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About Ilona Kaszanyi - I'm interested in human rights, I condemn all kinds violence. I love sociology, nature, culture, travel. I love teaching children, meeting and talking with people, making friends all around the world. As an amateur photographer I love taking pictures in the nature.


One thought on “Womb for rent at discounted price

  1. Oh this is a very tricky situation and I really don’t know what to think or how I would be in that situation, so thank you for the thought provocation.

    Posted by jmgoyder | April 27, 2012, 3:31 pm

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