Children Drawing Competition by Blue Line

Blue Line gives possibility for the world’s children to communicate in their way which stands over the language, the culture and the racial prejudices. Our target is to bring closer the world’s children for a better understanding and a greater tolerance. Because of this the Blue Line announces a Children Drawing Competition.

Period of the Competiton:

June 1, 2012 – November 30, 2012 with new competition theme in every months. We wait the competition works to the last day of every months.

Period of the first part is:

June 1, 2012 – June 30, 2012

Theme of June: “The World as I see it”


– 6 to 14 years old children can participate from around the world

– The competition work can be made with pencil, crayon or watercolor as well. We don’t accept works which made by computer graphic.

– To apply with the scanned works only throught e-mail to this link: ( .jpg format, max 1 MB size)

– Need to attach to the competition work : the name, the age, the country and need to add a short (minimum 3, maximum 10 sentences description)

– We only one competition work accept from every competitor in every month.

The Blue Line publishes all competition works in its online magazine and its wordpress as well.


In every month the two most popular competition works ( from age of 6 to 10 and from age of 11 to 14) share in book rewards. In addition the Blue Line gives possibility to personal introducing and to show more drawings on the online magazine for the two winners.  Announcement of the results on the first day of every months.

At the end of the competiton the most popular competition work will get a Digitizer tablet. Announcement of the results of the winner: 1st January, 2013.

The prizes will be sent by mail to the winners by the Blue Line.


5 thoughts on “Children Drawing Competition by Blue Line

    1. Dear Meghna Unni,

      We checked our post but unfortunately we didn’t got her drawing in June. Your daughter got in touch with us throught on the Blue Line Facebook and she sent her paintings again to my private e-mail. We will publish it soon. I told her that the theme “The world as I see it” is countinue in July also (we will add new theme only in August), so she isn’t in late. We are sorry about this technical problem. Thank you for the drawing and we wish good luck for her in July! Kind regards, Ilona

    1. Our Children Drawing Competition 2012 is finished. At the moment we invite interested parties to submit a digital photograph for possible publication in Blue Line website and to win 100 USD. But if you like please send your children’s drawing to us and we will publish them on our sites. You can send them here: or to my e-mail adress:
      In 2013 we will start a new Children Drawing Competition. Thank you for your interest.
      Kind regards, Ilona

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