Drawing of the Day – Country Life

Monday, June 11. 2012

“Country Life”

Drawing by Zsófia Huszka – St. Stephen Primary School Tiszatenyő, Hungary

In Zsófia’s drawing the blue is the dominant color. In addition that this is the color of the calm and peace, it express of the independence, the focus and the patience as well. However cominated with grey means the sensitivity also. Her lineation is strong, which suggests that in her decisions she is influence difficult. Central fiugure of the drawing is a horse, its depiction is the most elaborate. Relationship between the horse and the smiling little girl next to it can be described in one word: love. We can see the important characteristic of the country life like the fields, endless minor road, animals, haycock.

Do you have children? Do they love drawing?

Blue Line gives possibility for the world’s children to communicate in their way which stands over the language, the culture and the racial prejudices. Our target is to bring closer the world’s children for a better understanding and a greater tolerance. Because of this the Blue Line announces a Children Drawing Competition. Conditions and Awards here


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