Star of July – Antonio Gonzalez Nunez

Antonio Gonzalez-Nuñez was born in Havana Cuba. As a child he was fascinated with drawing and painting. During his early years he remembers spending hours with his grandfather drawing with any material and media he could find. Antonio graduated from the National School of Design in Havana in 1978. Two years later he came to the United States with the Mariel exodus…


For Antonio, painting is an escape from daily reality, an approach to a magic and imaginary world where memories of his infancy are brought to light through his personages. Read more about Antonio and see more amazing works of arts by him…
Blue Line encourage talents like writing , photography , painting or any kind of creativity, so we started Star category to show our stars on our main page. If you want to be the star then just fill the box below and attach file of your biography with your personal picture or a pictures of your works to display it on the main page of Blue Line for the next month. Send your biography to here


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