Return to the Wild

The most valuable animals on earth, the ancestors of horses

In this picture you can see the Mongolian ‘Takht’ horses. They are the world’s only true wildhorse. All other equine species which fit this name, such as the American camargue or Mustang, merely feral domestic horses.

Photo by Li Gang

In 1878 Nikolai Michailowitsch Przewalski, Russian explorer was engaged in research along Russian-Mongolian frontier on behalf of the Tsar. During his first trip, in the south-western part of Mongolia locals told about wild horse studs to him. From his second trip he brought an unknown horse breed skull and skin for the Tsar. The Mongolians knew this horse species. They called ‘Takht’ this animal, after the Mongolian “respect” word because they thought it is ancestor of their domestic horses and once the great Genghis Khan rode on them conquered his world empire. At that time, the science is still thought that the gray European tarpan was the ancestor of the domestic horse.

“Only wind and rain able to touch back of a Takht” – says a Mongolian proverb. Because these wild horses are so fast, stubborn and wild. See more pictures and know more about these horses here


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