When a culture disappears

Nukak Maku are Colombia’s last nomads. Two decades ago, the world did not know of their existence. Their heads are shaved, their faces are painted and their home is the rainforest.

Photo by Niels van Iperen

In San Jose, which is a small town in cocaine and war-torn South-east Colombia started a catholic celebration when all of a sudden these people arrived to there for six years ago. Locals were surprised when 77 shaved heads people stood in front the church. Men with one meter long blow-pipes, women with uncovered breasts and children with monkeys on their shoulders.

Locals just wanted to help this nomad hunter, gatherer population. But for this process somebody paid with his life and with it a culture will disappear slowly in the 21st century in the heart of South America…See more pictures and read more here


4 thoughts on “When a culture disappears

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