Beauty of a young democracy – Namibia

Namibia so many aspects – from historical, political, ethnic and economic side – is an especially thought-provoking place. This country lived under rule of three powers (German, English, South African). a young democracy with the typical problems of corruption in almost every level of society, various personality cult with aid of a morally is not 100% stable police, bureaucracy everywhere and despite development with a growing gap between the poor and the elite.

Herero boy

Photo by Alessandro Vanucci

The Herero tribe is an unique among southern Africa’s indigenous people.  They are traditionally are nomadic pastoralists. The Herero believe in a Supreme Being, called Omukuru however, the majority have been converted to Christianity.

Desert elephants

Photo by Olivier Delaere

Although not a separate species, and not much different from other savannah elephants because they have adapted to their dry, semi-desert environment. Click here, see more amazing photos and  discover the beautiful Namibia


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