Chukotka – Land of the Yarangas

Chukotka (Chukotka Autonomous Okrug) is a special world which is bordered in the north by the Chukchi Sea and the East Siberian Sea. Hidden corners of it still live families almost prehistoric living conditions, they are blood relationship to the nature. Those who are brave enough to visit there easy will be fall in love with this cold-hearted, yet attractive countryside.

Chukchi - Reindeer
Chukchi reindeer horde | Photo by Tero Mustonen

Chukotka has 57 thousand inhabitants. From point of European view these nomadic indigenous live without almost every convenience but perfectly suited to the wild environment. So much so, that the civilized world has many tools – such as kayaking, snow tread, anoraks or special hooks – which are took over from these people.

Chukchi man
Chukchi man | Photo by Péter Erdélyi

Awesome experience that at the beginning of the third millennium there are people who born and grow up in prehistoric circumstances. Click here and discover Land of the Yarangas…


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