Photo of the Day – Lonely fishing boat from our Reader

Friday, April 20. 2012.

“I thought we were alone”

Lonely small fishing boat in Guaymas, Sonora by Efraín Bojorquez Garcia

“I had been shooting all morning wandering around the shipyards and headed to a place called ‘El Paraje’, home place to some fish processing factories, when, all of a sudden, coming out of a curve in the road, I stumbled upon this view of a commercial shrimp boat along a ‘panguero’ (small fishing boat) and couldn’t help but make this picture.” – commented his picture the photographer.

Pasta a la Illuminara by Efraín Bojorquez Garcia

Efraín Bojorquez Garcia is a Mexican photographer. See his ‘Moments of life’ photo gallery with his descriptions  on our Blue Line website (

Pasta a la Illuminara

“One of my favorit meals is pasta versatile as it is, in practically every form or preparation. I have a clear memory (yet to come, though “deja vu” of me enjoying a delicious plate in some italian ristorante in Rome or some Tuscan village my favorite, by much, al pesto.”

for Photographers

We thought it would be nice if we make a collective photo gallery of the Spring of different countries what we will share here and also the Blue Line website ( ) So, we’d like if you send us a Spring picture from your country and you will be a part of this photo gallery. What do you think? Could you give us a piece of Spring of you country?

And also we are waiting for your pictures about your culture, your country or other themes which we will share as the Photo of the Day here and on the Blue Line website. Please send your pictures to here:


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