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School desk or forced labour? Slaves of modern era

Let’s be honest! This is not only an economic issue, but decency…

About 246 million children –  between the ages of 5 and 17 – are forced to work in the World nowadays. It is estimated that more than eight million children live as slaves.

Truism that the child’s work – even with all the economic restructuring – can only be removed if there are nobody who is apply to children. Most recently, a scandal erupted in late winter, when came to light that the Apple, Chinese computer factories had regular apply to kids. But child laborers worked also at a previously-known giant companies like Unilever, Monsanto, or Nike. Often without pay, long hours and almost inhuman conditions was working children with their family members on the supplier of Philip Morris tobacco multi company‘s  plantations in Kazakhstan for long years to 2011. Continue Reading …

To entice with colorful feathers

The beautiful Spring arrived. In this time the living world’s “heart” fill with love. This is an important factor in the life of birds too.

So, no wonder that some male birds wear really colorful feathers for the allurement… :)

The Gouldian Finches are brightly colored with red, black, green and yellow. But the male’s chest is purple, while the female’s is a mauve. Picture taken by Clarence Lewis. Gallery of the most colorful birds …

Children learn what they live

“If a child lives with criticism, they learn to condemn. If a child lives with hostility, they learn to fight..”

“…If a child lives with tolerance, they learn to be patient. If a child lives with encouragement, they learn confidence….”

The family is the basis of social life. In the family the children can learn the cultural rules of behavior, they learn the expected behavior and they learn the respect for each other. Quality of the relationship between the parents are largely determined how they treat their children. Continue Reading …

History in short ~ Shoguns and Samurais

The samurais like the European knights believed in truth and honesty. They had a strict statute, the Bushido (“Way of the warrior”). Before a battle a samurai always shouted his name and names of his ancestors.

From the 9th century the Fujiwara clan possessed the power for 300 years in Japan…Continue Reading …

Talebearer children drawings

A drawing shows the inner world of children, and this is a mirror of the family relationships too.

The girls sometimes draws tulips, lakes, nests, caves and hills. These signs of femininity. The boys shows themselves as a warrior, a prince or a knight and they have sword or ammunition.

If the children sometimes prefer the blue and the green color, it means that there is peace in their souls. But what does it mean if child don’t want to use colored pencils or we see menacing gestures in a children drawing? Continue Reading …

To buy a child within ten hours

In every 26th seconds a child sold by child traffickers in the World…The trafficked children are often forced to do work from the minute they wake up to the minute they are allowed to go to sleep. Usually these children are beaten, underfed, and sexually exploited.

Human trafficking – such as child trafficking as well – a kind of modern slavery, where happen exploitation of young people and children who live in dire circumstances, outside countries borders and within them as well. Continue Reading …

History in short ~ Constantinople 1204-1453

Byzantium was only one city, Constantinople‘s empire for 1000 years, before the Ottoman Turks conquered the city in 1453. Authority of the empire attacked by many foreign powers over the centuries.

In 1204 Norman and Frank crusaders occupied Constantinople and renamed it to “Roman Empire”. Although in 1261 the Greek Byzantines recaptured the city but after this the empire there wasn’t the same. Continue Reading …

Who wears the hat?

Do you remember Helmut Newton‘s famous and provocative photograph on which the four elegant women in business dress coming towards us in definite steps? And it has a pair: the same women in the same firm steps, however, already naked. The picture was taken in 1981: moment of the anxiety from the women’s domination in the Western world.

After the dinner, successful gentlemen were sitting on the comfortably leather armchairs, were drinking brandy and with a good cigar in their hand , they were talking about business and public life formerly decades. While the ladies drawn aside…
Continue Reading …

Star of the Month – a 16 Years-old Photographers

Photography is my way of trying to convey all the things that I can not easily put into words.“

Eleanor Leonne Bennett is our Star in March, Eleanor is a British teenager who despite her young age ( born 1996 ) achieved significant international successes as a photographer. She was growing up in the countryside. It was a determining factor in her life. She learnt lots from the wild and rural environment. The most majority of her photography being taken at her home, where she has to find new ways of seeing everything. “The first reason I picked up a camera was to document animal life cycles in my garden.“

See More about Eleanor Leonne Bennett  and a select photos of her captures

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War, sorrow, escape – True Story of a Somali woman

“Nadifa, my daughter is now eleven years old. I could not bring her with me when I escaped from Somalia.” Their house ruined by a bomb in Mogadishu. Her husband and her two youngest children were under the rubble and they died. The woman and her daughter escaped to the countryside to her parents….”I wanted peace, and to find a country where I can get a job as a woman.” Continue reading

The clothes which shares Europe

The Dutch government has decided on January 27th 2012, after France and Belgium: generally prohibits the wearing of the burqa and the niqab in public places, public buildings, like schools, hospitals and public transport. The fine may have at most 380 euro. In Germany( Hesse) mustn’t wear burqa or niqab for public employees on their  workplace. Because their job requires the  political and religious neutrality.  It can form an exception, such as cleaners working night shifts. In Denmark, the wearing of burqa and niqab are limited in public places, but the schools, public administrations and companies can decide free that they allow it for their employees.  Continue reading