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Mysterious Barcodes – Facts and Conspiracy Theories

Italian archaeologists have discovered “barcodes” on closing plugs of ancient amphoras in the middle of April in 2012. These earthen vessels, which are primarily used for carrying oil help to map the antique trade routes. Technology of the barcode was founded in 1949 by Bernard Silver and Woodland. However, the barcodes only became widespread after 1981 when … Continue reading

Suicide by command of the Fuhrer

“There are two possibilities. Either nothing happens or I will not be here tonight.” – said Rommel on 14 th October, 1944 to his 16 year old son when they was walking in their garden. At noon three officers came to visit him, then they drove away together with a car. Ninety minutes later the … Continue reading

Is Vatican hides the end of World?

Followers of conspiracy theories are convinced that the Roman Catholic Church is in possession of the information which means the end of humanity. They think one of these is the message of the Fatima’s secrets which means the coming end of the world in their opinion. In 1917, near the town of Fatima in Portugal … Continue reading

History in short ~ Shoguns and Samurais

The samurais like the European knights believed in truth and honesty. They had a strict statute, the Bushido (“Way of the warrior”). Before a battle a samurai always shouted his name and names of his ancestors. From the 9th century the Fujiwara clan possessed the power for 300 years in Japan…Continue Reading …

History in short ~ Constantinople 1204-1453

Byzantium was only one city, Constantinople‘s empire for 1000 years, before the Ottoman Turks conquered the city in 1453. Authority of the empire attacked by many foreign powers over the centuries. In 1204 Norman and Frank crusaders occupied Constantinople and renamed it to “Roman Empire”. Although in 1261 the Greek Byzantines recaptured the city but … Continue reading

Sense of humour and sympathy of the Neanderthals people

Were the Neanderthals people fall in love? Did have they bad days? Could play jokes with each other? Two American researchers tried to give answer for  similar questions basis of  abundant material of Neanderthal.  Continue reading

Golden Age of Spain during the Moorish’s conquest

The presence of the Moorish civilization and its seductive charm is a lasting value still in the cradle of Mediterranean culture – Photo Gallery Continue reading

Female pope was head of Catholic Church for two years. True or just legend?

The Roman Catholic Church at the head of the medieval popes were very far from the ideal of a holy man. The credulous people were willing to believe any scandalous tale of them. There was a legend, which was for centuries believed. According to legend in the 850’s years the Christians feared throughout Europe. Earthquakes … Continue reading

History of valuable silkworm

According to the Chinese legends the silk came into being in Emperor Huang Ti‘s garden in B.C. 2640. Huang Ti asked his wife to looking for the reason why the mulberry trees perish. Hszi Lingsi discovered the pests are white worms, which make white cocoons. One of chrysalis fallen into a lukewarm water. She noticed … Continue reading

Women in the era of Crusades

What comes to mind first when we think of the Crusades on? Armored knights who wear huge red cross on their breasts. We always just think of men, never think of women, although women also played an important role in the era of the Crusades. The Crusader wars, not only the role of women has … Continue reading

History – Ancient on Buddhist statues that were uncovered in Afghanistan in 2010

Ancient Buddhist statues that were uncovered by a Chinese mining company in Afghanistan in Nov 2010. The monastery dates back to the seventh century B.C. along the famous Silk Road which links Asia to the Mid-East. The site is in Mes Aynak, south of Kabul, mes means ‘copper’ in the local Dari language. The monastery has … Continue reading

History of forests from virgin forest to devastation of forest

The culture of humanity began with devastation of forest but we just able to keep this culture if we protect the forests. Unfortunately this realization just in the past century became known. History of earth’s forest has three big periods: prehistory of forests, story of forest’s age and age of forestry. Prehistory started 450 million years … Continue reading