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Origin of Gypsies by DNA evidences

The Romani represent the largest minority group in Europe, consisting of approximately 11 million people but they lack written historical records on their origins and dispersal. According to a new study their history began in northwestern India about 1,500 years ago. Scientists gathered genome-wide data from 13 Romani groups collected across Europe to confirm an … Continue reading

Imaginary journey to the world of Tuaregs

Their house is a tent, their wardrobe is a branch, their kitchen is a camp-fire, their money is a goat, a sheep or a camel but they can call a huge areas – the Aïr Mountains and the Tenere desert – as their homeland in the South Sahara. Members of the Kel Tedele Tuareg clan … Continue reading

Submit your Photo to Win $ 100

Saturday, December 15 2012 To enter Blue Line Photography Contest, Submit your Photo . To enter Blue Line Photography Contest, Submit your Photo

“Walk” of the Easter Island’s mysterious statues

The Easter Island about 1,600 years ago has colonized by the Polynesians. But they made more difficult themselves own lives. They used fire as a tool in agriculture, too many palm trees were cut which together with intensive farming led to soil erosion. In addition to this various conflicts, the cannibalism and the strong population … Continue reading

When a culture disappears

Nukak Maku are Colombia’s last nomads. Two decades ago, the world did not know of their existence. Their heads are shaved, their faces are painted and their home is the rainforest. In San Jose, which is a small town in cocaine and war-torn South-east Colombia started a catholic celebration when all of a sudden these … Continue reading

Spectacular Photos And We Still Waiting For More

Our readers have sent many photos, they are the best. But we have shared some of them and we still waiting for more. Get inspired of nature , people, architecture, poverty , space . Capture your best moment and send it to us, give your capture the opportunity to be shared in more than 80% … Continue reading

Read me – Looking out to the World

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”  – Charles W. Eliot International Day of Book In every year April 23 is a symbolic date for world literature for on this date and in the same year of 1616, … Continue reading

Meaningless rules against women

In vain we live in the 21st century, there are parts of the world where still a lots of meaningless religious and moral laws, which only afflict the women. In many countries strict rules forbid discrimination between the genders however some places still mud underfoot the rights of women. Killings of honour “Women are not … Continue reading

Where women get married with deceased

“My husband is an ideal partner. He never runs after girls, he always faithful. He never thinks of divorce, he never goes to pub, he never quarrels with me. But he has a small fault: he doesn’t live.” There were such and similar discourses among women in an ancient China. There was – and there … Continue reading

Where the children are buried alive

In the modern societies the child-bearing is more than simply race preservation. In this societies the children are rather the fruits of love. Although most of the countries there are similar traditions when a child is born and in the next months regarding, but of course there are subtle differences too, enough to think of … Continue reading

Today’s destination, Chile

Chile seduced by the richness of its environment. The variety of landscapes of Chile , the architectural heritage, the Andes, the density of the fauna of Chile and the mysterious statues of Easter Island promises the traveler a wonderful discovery. Continue reading

We need your voice to know our travel destination

We would love to travel around the world to get deep in cultures of others, now we have 3 available destinations: Germany , Japan or Chile . Please go to this travel page of Blue Line Travel and vote for the next destination.. Thank you all