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The Science of Life – Ayurveda

According to a story once the great Sushruta sent his studets to collect as many worthless plant, they can. The first student took thousands plants, the second  took  hundred plants, the third took ten plants and the fourth took single one. However Sushruta’s favorite student was in late. He just came back few weeks later … Continue reading

Memory loss may be due to silent strokes

Strokes have little impact, but over time, the consequences can be noticed. A study by researchers at Columbia University in New York (USA) and published in Neurology show their impact on memory. Continue reading

Meditation changes the brain links permanently

Frequent meditation leaves lasting mark on the activity of the brain: causing you permanent inhibits for the brain centers, fear, mental illness and attention disorders. In addition, people regular meditating, their brain areas are more closely linked to promote the conscious perception and self-control, as reported by U.S. researchers in the “Proceedings of the National Academy … Continue reading