The clothes which shares Europe

The Dutch government has decided on January 27th 2012, after France and Belgium: generally prohibits the wearing of the burqa and the niqab in public places, public buildings, like schools, hospitals and public transport. The fine may have at most 380 euro. In Germany( Hesse) mustn’t wear burqa or niqab for public employees on their  workplace. Because their job requires the  political and religious neutrality.  It can form an exception, such as cleaners working night shifts. In Denmark, the wearing of burqa and niqab are limited in public places, but the schools, public administrations and companies can decide free that … Continue reading The clothes which shares Europe

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Why dogs paws are not cold?

Children often ask this excellent question: Do the dogs have cold feet? The answer is no. Like many wild animals living in cold climates, dogs have heat exchangers within their pads. The bloodstream back toward the body is always warm … until the outside temperature is -35 ° C. Continue reading here Blue Line – new domain made Please subscribe fore our new domain and give us feedback/ our blog tag is Photography, News, animals, Travel, History , Human Rights , Culture and environment


Longer survival for ichthyosaurs, not like what scientists assumed

These prehistoric marine vertebrates have survived long after their assumed date ofdeath. By Abdullah Abbadi/Blue Line News The ichthyosaurs were giant marine reptiles like the plesiosaurs and mosasaurs, whose ancestors were terrestrial reptiles. “Their size varied from less than one meter and more than 20m. Some … Continue reading Longer survival for ichthyosaurs, not like what scientists assumed