“Walk” of the Easter Island’s mysterious statues

The Easter Island about 1,600 years ago has colonized by the Polynesians. But they made more difficult themselves own lives. They used fire as a tool in agriculture, too many palm trees were cut which together with intensive farming led to soil erosion. In addition to this various conflicts, the cannibalism and the strong population decline also were unbearable. When the Europeans in the 18th century arrived to the island, the once thriving civilization have been found only in traces.

The myterious Moai stand beneath the Milky Way rising from the East | Photo by C Richardson

Contrasted with earlier theories mysterious statues of Easter Island got to their places without wheels and help of draught animals by natives. These moai statues are standing guard, turn their back on the Pacific Ocean. They don’t reveal their secrets, especially how they got to their places. Well, thanks to a new experiment maybe finally managed to decipher it.  Click here and watch a video of their walk…


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